Starting with a four-story French Concession family home dating from the 1930s,
Magnolia's designer team has taken great care to preserve the building's classic
Art Deco character while bringing it up to speed with 21st-century Shanghai.
The result is a unique combination of the home-style comforts of a traditional
B&B, the personalized service and quality facilities of a boutique hotel,
and the style and art of a designer hotel.


About the Magnolia art & design team:


Sticky Rice Design led the overall project, working closely with artists, architects
and contractors to ensure that every detail of each room's interior is just right
from the custom-made beds, curtains, lamps and rugs to the placement of vintage
Deco furnishings and contemporary artworks.


Art Labor Gallery is a French Concession art space dedicated to bridging the gap
between contemporary Chinese art and the international art world.
Selections from the gallery's collection grace the walls of Magnolia's rooms.


Christopher Leo is a photographer currently residing in Shanghai. He specializes
in capturing fleeting moments of life as they unfold in the busy lanes, parks and
streets of this cosmopolitan city.


sticky rice design art labor gallery christopher leo