Ink and Water Suite


This suite occupies the entire fourth floor, extending outwards with a generous balcony and featuring
a deluxe bath area set off by an elegant wooden Chinese screen, a comfortable sitting area and tea table, and
a deluxe king-size bed piled high with custom-made silk pillows. Art Deco glass-shaded lamps, dark wood accents
and lush plants—both in the room and on the balcony—combine in a space that is intimate yet open.
Impressive views of Shanghai’s 21st-century skyline rise from behind classic French Concession rooflines,
making the suite feel at the center of everything even as it affords absolute privacy.
Colors consist of subtly blended creams, silky whites, patterned grays, minimalist blacks and the greens,
browns and grays of three contemporary Chinese ink prints.

Ink and Water Suite Green Room Blue Room Chocolate Room Red Room

Rates are for double occupancy and include breakfast (and are subject to 12% hotel tax).
We take international credit cards: VISA, Master, JCB, Diner's Club

Ink & Water Suite /4f    ¥ 1,200